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Verge Driver Safety Zone Kit™

Driver Safety Zone Kit »
Driver Safety Zone Kit »

Designated driver safe zones are now a must. It is important to provide visiting delivery drivers a safe zone when on site.

“A painted line is no longer an acceptable means of separation.”

About 15 per cent of injuries in the road freight transport industry are the result of being hit by trucks or forklifts or other ‘moving objects’. Verge has taken the hard work out of getting this right by offering the Verge Driver Safety Zone Kit™. The 4-sided model is the perfect solution for the freestanding application, or the 3-sided model if situated against a wall.

CV152 – The Driver Safety Zone Kit with ECO-Barriers – 3 Sided 3 x 3 Metres

Code: CV152
Kit Includes:
1 x Verge ECO-Barrier Kit 3×3
1 x V-Gate
2 x Bollards
1 x “Driver Safety Zone” Sign and Post

KV751 – The Driver Safety Zone Kit with HD Barriers – 3 Sided 3 x 3 Metres

Code: KV751
Kit includes:
1 x Verge HD Barrier Kit 3×3
1 x Verge Safety Gate
2 x Bollard
1 x “Driver Safety Zone” Sign and Post

Features Of The Verge Driver Safety Zone™

  • Modular Construction
  • Easy to Install
  • Compliant
  • Create a clearly defined area for drivers to refuge in
  • Highly visible
  • Variable Sizes

Traffic Management - Loading/Unloading Freight Safely

What is the problem? Inadequate onsite traffic management at workplaces where freight is loaded/unloaded from trucks.

What are the risks?

Workers are at risk of being hit by trucks, forklifts and other mobile plant during loading/unloading – and by falling loads if they’re in the exclusion zone.

What is a solution to the problem?

Responsibilities A number of businesses may be involved in loading/ unloading freight, such as:

  • the transport operator
  • the business where freight is loaded/unloaded
  • businesses that control mobile plant at the workplace.

Under the workplace health and safety laws, each business shares responsibility for the health and safety of those involved in the work, to the extent of their capacity to influence and control the work. They must work together to ensure risks are eliminated, or if this not possible, minimised. The influence and control held by each business varies, depending on the circumstances. For example, when a transport operator visits a particular business regularly, where a forklift and operator are available to load/unload the freight, that business would generally have a high capacity to influence and control the work and risks at that workplace. The transport operator would therefore follow the business’s traffic management procedures. However, when a transport operator visits a business that rarely receives freight, the transport operator would generally influence and control the work and risks. They should work with the business to devise safe work methods. This could be included with the booking system information.

Loading/Unloading Procedures

When loading/unloading with mobile plant, consider the following traffic management measures:

  • Exclusion zone and safety zone Specify a pedestrian exclusion zone around the truck.
  • Specify a safety zone for the driver – eg at the front of the truck, in the amenities area or in the cabin, if it is safe to do so.
  • Erect sturdy barriers, such as fences or gates, around the safety zone – or, if these are unavailable, use chains or tape.
  • No-one should enter the exclusion zone without the mobile plant operator’s approval.
  • The mobile plant operator should not begin loading/unloading until everyone is clear of the exclusion zone.
  • Maintaining an exclusion zone around the truck while loading/unloading will also eliminate the risk of anyone being hit by falling loads.
Driver Safety Zone Kit »

Roadside Delivery/Pick Up

Before delivery/pick-up, the following information should be considered: the restrictions on the types of vehicles that can be accepted

  • Delivery times
  • Site information, including loading/unloading area, parking facilities, reception, rest rooms and the like
  • Reporting procedures on arrival and departure 
  • Safety procedures on site, such as wearing high-visibility clothing, using mobile phones and the like
  • Availability and use of equipment
  • Person in charge of loading/unloading
  • Emergency contact details.

The driver should be provided with this information. The transport operator should also provide the business with any information, such as specifics of the truck.

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