Recycling centre employees encounter a number of safety issues each day and as an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure their safety in the workplace.

Recycling centres often have machinery in operation such as conveyors and compactors. Without the use of adequate safety barriers, workers can become entangled in the moving machinery which can cause serious injury or even death.

To keep recycling centre workers safe and prevent injuries and fatalities, owners need to install a range of recycling centre safety barriers to ensure maximum protection in the facility.

verge recycling centre safety barrier

What are the benefits of recycling centre safety barriers?

Due to the weight of bales of waste, industrial vehicles such as forklifts and trucks are needed to transport the recyclable material, putting workers at risk of having a collision with the moving vehicles.

Verge’s team members are experts in identifying potential risks and can help you to find the best areas to install your recycling centre safety barriers to minimise the risk of injury to workers so that pedestrians and vehicles are able to move safely within the recycling centre.

Verge’s range of safety barriers will help to protect workers from hazards within the recycling centre by guiding pedestrians along safe walking routes within the facility and regulate access to restricted areas where heavy machinery is operating.

Heavy bales of waste are capable of crushing workers if they are stored in areas where there are inadequate safety barriers. Our recycling centre safety barriers help to protect areas where vehicular collisions could cause structural damage to storage areas causing material to fall on employees.

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