Verge provides safety barrier systems for a wide variety of industries and companies throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas. We have established a reputation for creating innovative and cost-effective solutions to prevent falls and collisions in the workplace.

We are innovators in the field of safety barrier systems, providing complete solutions that are known for their quality, design, and performance. Our team is constantly striving to create the safest and most practical barriers, handrails, bollards, and accessories.

Safety barriers in Melbourne

We have both temporary and permanent solutions to suit the needs of your premises. Our guardrails, handrails, bollards, access gates, protectors, and other workplace safety products are designed for one thing: to keep people and property safe.

The safety barriers we supply to Melbourne are specifically designed for protecting people and structures and have prevented multiple workplace accidents from occurring in the transport, logistics, storage, retail, healthcare, and production industries.

Our range of safety products meets protection requirements in a wide variety of locations such as car parks, walkways, loading docks, and hazardous areas. Our highly accredited products are designed to offer the highest levels of protection and are delivered with skill and excellence.

Why choose Verge Safety Barriers?

At Verge Safety Barriers we aim to be the most innovative and reliable safety barrier supplier in Melbourne. We work hard to understand what customers want, then exceed their expectations.

From planning and design to manufacturing and installation, our team of experts are here to see your project through from start to end.

Verge Safety Barriers are:

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At Verge Safety Barriers, every sale begins with great customer service. Our professional team delivers on-time and on-budget. We understand that every company is different, and every facility is unique, so we will do our best to provide you with information on the products that best suit the needs of your premises.

Our safety specialists are trained to identify hazardous areas and to supply the best products to accommodate your operations and budget. Contact us on 1800 765 539 to see how we can reduce the number of hazards on your premises.