Verge Safety Barriers supplies a wide range of safety barriers to Sydney and surrounding areas to protect people, facilities, vehicles and products in commercial and industrial environments.

Worker safety is critical. Installing safety barriers and other related products around areas such as loading bays, car parking areas, and machinery will protect your workers and equipment from costly damage due to collisions falls.

What are the benefits of installing safety barriers?

Safety should be the focus of every operation so investing in safety barriers is good for your employees and your business. Even the most experienced workers sometimes experience accidents that result in costly damage to both merchandise and equipment. Not to mention the risk of injury to staff.

Even the smallest of collisions can lead to a large loss of profits due to injuries or damaged stock, shelving, racking, and even your building’s structure.  While you can’t guarantee that your facility remains completely accident-free, you can reduce the potential for damage by installing a reliable safety barrier system. By safeguarding your business, you can ensure that your facility continues to operate at its best.

Why choose Verge Safety Barriers?

At Verge Safety Barriers, we work with businesses to identify potential hazards and design tailor-made safety barrier systems to meet specifications and budget.

From initial planning through start-up and installation, our team is with you every step of the way to help you meet the many safety challenges of preventing hazards in the workplace. Our professional team can help you to determine what types of safety products would benefit your operation, as well as give professional advice on their placement.

Some of the biggest advantages of installing Verge Safety Barriers include:

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We can help you determine the most efficient and effective safety barrier systems for your warehouse, commercial premises, or distribution facility to improve the overall productivity and safety on site.

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