“Safety first” is a phrase we have all heard, and as an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure your workers are fully protected against hazards that could potentially cause serious physical harm or even death.

Working in a sawmill has been identified as one of the most dangerous occupations with workers exposed to a range of dangers relating to woodcutting, log transportation, unguarded machinery and electrical incidents.

To minimise the risk of injury or death, it is vital to manage the potential hazards in the workplace with sawmill safety barriers as well as an adequate sawmill traffic management plan to provide life-saving direction to workers and visitors, ensuring the safety of workers and the safe movement of traffic.

verge sawmill safety barriers

Keep employees protected with sawmill safety barriers

Finding the best approach to workplace safety can be a challenge but Verge is here to assist you with our diverse range of sawmill safety barriers and products. We will work with you to assess threats in your sawmill and ensure adequate sawmill safety barriers are installed to protect workers.

Some of the leading causes of injury or death include workers falling from heights, slips on floors, injuries from vehicular collisions, workers getting struck by objects and getting trapped in equipment.

Verges’ diverse range of sawmill safety barriers are designed to provide maximum protection to ensure employee safety. Some of our sawmill safety products include expandable barriers, guardrails, pedestrian workflow systems, signage and parking bollards to provide full protection against falls, machinery and vehicles.

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Safety barriers are crucial in maintaining worker safety. Verge Safety Barriers can help provide protection with safety barriers that are designed with your sawmill in mind. Contact us today at 1800 765 539 or fill in our online enquiry form and a member of our team be in touch soon.