shopping centre safety

Shopping centres are high traffic areas with multiple entrances, car parks and stores. It’s essential to safely accommodate both vehicles and pedestrians visiting the shopping centre while also upholding an adequate level of security using shopping centre safety barriers.

Verge stock a large range of shopping centre safety barriers to ensure the upmost protection for visitors to the premises.

Shopping Centre Safety Barriers

Verge Safety Barriers are experts in shopping centre security products and can find a solution for every problem including making installations around existing infrastructure. Our installations are completed quickly and efficiently to minimise any disruption to business.

Shopping centres are designed to be easy to navigate, with many entry points for the public and localised car parking and service areas for retailers to receive deliveries. 

Due to the high concentration of people at any one time, managers need to ensure the safety of pedestrians both inside and outside the shopping centre. Areas with vehicles must be separated from pedestrian walkways to avoid any accidental collisions.

Car park access needs to be clearly marked with safety barriers as well as segregated access areas for service vehicles which could pose a threat for pedestrians. Our car park safety barrier range includes everything from bollards to wheel stops.

With a high number of shops and inventory on-site, shopping centres are an easy target for robberies. Safety bollards and vehicle security barriers at goods entrances and pedestrian entrances are recommended to maximise the security of stock. 

verge wheelstop

Safety barriers are also essential in keeping workers safe and material protected against unnecessary damage. It only takes one mistake due to human error to cause a lot of damage to your stockroom workers, inventory or vehicles.

Verge stock a range of safety products that are made with security in mind to minimise the risk of injury or damage in your shopping centre. 

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