verge site office safety barriers

Construction sites are considered hazardous environments and have their fair share of workplace incidents and accidents due to a lack of site office safety barriers and other products designed to keep workers secure.

A closer look at site offices can reveal underlying risks that threaten the health and safety of employees. For this reason, it’s essential that site managers prioritise on-site safety and understand the importance of installing site office safety barriers to offer maximum protection.

Construction sites are host to a multitude of dangers with the industry having the highest fatality rates and site accident injuries each year so as an employer, you need to provide comprehensive protection for your workers.

Put worker safety first with site office safety barriers

As the hub of your on-site operations, site office safety barriers need to be high-quality, durable and secure. Verge Safety Barriers meet the highest quality standards and can be adapted to suit your individual requirements. Whether you need site office bollards and guardrails or a complex safety system, we have a wide range of safety barriers to minimise the risk of harm to workers.

An injured employee can mean hundreds of lost man-hours and can easily result in high insurance costs or a hefty lawsuit against your company due to improper safety procedures in place on-site.

With well-implemented site office safety barriers and products, companies can help prevent worker injuries and fatalities that could not only cause a substantial financial impact but also distress and impairment to workers and their families.

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Site offices have high levels of traffic with machinery operating within the same area as pedestrian workers, so it is vital to have a range of safety barriers installed to ensure the safety of everyone.

If you are interested in site office safety barriers or products or would like more information about our product range, please contact us at 1800 765 539 or fill in our enquiry form and one of our safety team will be happy to offer recommendations on the best safety products for your site office.