Each year thousands of pedestrians are injured and hundreds are killed by vehicles on Australia’s busy streets. As the population of our cities increases so does the number of people needing the use of taxis. Now is the perfect time to start implementing safety procedures to manage traffic flow and protect against collisions.

While it may not be practical to put taxi rank safety barriers along the entire premises, there are many suitable locations that could benefit from bollards and railings to increase safety.

verge taxi rank safety barriers

Benefits of taxi rank safety barriers

Taxi ranks are typically located in crowded areas such as outside transport hubs, shopping centres, hotels, business quarters and city centres with cars typically waiting in line to collect passengers. Verge’s range of taxi rank safety barriers act as a layer of protection for both cars and pedestrians and assist with forming an orderly queuing system, assigning appropriate pick-up and drop-off locations and preventing pedestrians from crossing the road in unsafe areas.

Verge Safety Barriers and products are aesthetic in look and make taxi ranks more visible to commuters. The extra layer of safety of having a well-marked pedestrian walkway and assigned parking areas will make drivers more inclined to use the rank due to its added security.

Our range of taxi rank safety barriers has been carefully designed as a cost-effective option to maintain driver and pedestrian safety. All of our barriers have undergone testing to ensure the highest safety standards and provide maximum durability. 

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Minimise the risk of injury or damage in your taxi rank, and ensure that drivers and pedestrians are secure. Verge Safety Barriers provide excellent pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of damage to vehicles.

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