verge truck stops safety barriers

Truck stops are an essential amenity for providing a safe and convenient location for drivers to sleep and refresh. It’s necessary that truck stops accommodate the basic needs drivers by ensuring their safety while on the premises.

For tired drivers, truck stops are the go-to choice for an overnight stay and offer a secure space to park and rest. Many truck stops even have food service options, showering facilities, gas stations and other conveniences on the premises. Unfortunately, truck stops can be poorly lit and are liable to incur accidents with a mix of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Truck stop safety barriers have a number of uses in high traffic environments where there is a need to control vehicle and pedestrian access. Truck stops can benefit from the installation of safety barriers and other products to help in protecting against collisions from commercial vehicles which have the potential to cause serious harm. 

Protect drivers with truck stop safety barriers

Verge’s safety barriers have proven to be effective in preventing vehicles from running off the road, rolling into other trucks and avoiding head-on collisions with oncoming vehicles while exiting the truck stop.

Our reliable truck stop safety barriers have the ability to protect vehicle occupants and pedestrians from serious injury or fatalities. Verge Safety Barriers absorb the energy of the collision and redirects or stops the vehicle safely.

Verge Safety Barriers are the leading supplier of high-quality safety barriers and other products for truck stops in New South Wales. We offer a wide range of crash gates, beam guardrails and bollards that comply with all health and safety regulations.

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