Tyre repair shops are busy places but with more individuals populating the area the risk of accidents occurring increases. By permitting access only to people who need to be there it allows workers to get on with their job without distractions.

Without the use of tyre repair shop safety barriers, employees can receive serious injuries while repairing or replacing tyres. These accidents not only occur because of falling vehicles but also due to tyre explosions. Workers and customers can be severely injured if a tyre burst causing compressed air to be forcefully released towards those nearby.

Most accidents in tyre repair shops involve preventable slips, trips and falls along with crushing incidents involving moving or collapsing vehicles and result in numerous injuries and fatalities every year.

verge tyre repair shop safety barriers

Protect your workers with reliable tyre repair shop safety barriers

Verge’s range of tyre repair shop safety barriers is effective in segregating the workspace to keep unauthorised people away from out-of-limits areas. Our safety barriers can be used to define pedestrian routes by partitioning off hazardous areas and reducing the possibility of accidents happening on your premises.

In areas where it is not possible to completely prevent access, we can install guardrails and extendable barriers to keep untrained personnel in the area at a safe distance.

Our guardrails and extendable barriers provide flexible protection for workers while allowing access to vehicles. All of our tyre repair shop safety products are highly visible so they are easy to see in order to alert workers and customers of tripping hazards and other dangers.

The exterior areas of the tyre repair shop should be easy to navigate. If both foot and vehicular traffic have to operate in the same area it is advisable to install bollards and barriers to designate safe walkways and parking locations.

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