Verge Rack-Pro™ Product Range

FV450RACK-PRO CUSTOM – (Double deep, drive-in, etc)
FV451RACK-PRO DOUBLE – 2250L x 400H (MM) – To suit back to back pallet racking
FV452RACK-PRO SINGLE – 990L x 400H (MM) – To suit single deep pallet racking
FV453Verge Rack-PRO Upright Protector

Verge Rack-Pro™ Product Features

Pallet Rack End Protector

In warehouses, pallet rack damage is a major WH&S issue. The Verge Rack-Pro™ is a robust guard designed to protect assets against costly impacts from forklifts. 

Pallet racking often supports tonnes of products on uprights and is not designed to take impacts from a forklift. Even low-speed collisions can cause structural damage that is costly, and dangerous to the lives of workers.

Protecting uprights is critical in avoiding potential disasters. Replacing pallet racking and inventory due to avoidable damage is very expensive, therefore preventing damage means significant, long-term savings.

Verge Rack-Pro™ is manufactured from heavy steel plates and bolted to the warehouse floor independent of the racking, thus isolating any impact from the structural members of the racking system.

Verge Rack-Pro™ is modular and has low replacement costs. If it gets damaged, you simply replace the damaged part, saving you up to 70% in repair costs.

Verge Safety Barriers assures you of premium quality and compliance! Designed and manufactured in Australia, Verge Rack-Pro™ measures 300mm in height with heavy-duty corners measuring 400mm for extra protection, as corners are subject to more frequent impacts.

It is substantially reinforced with gusset brackets for immovable protection. The modular barriers are available in two standard lengths to suit your racking configuration.

Protect more than just racking. Modular means flexibility! By adjusting the bolt-in barrier section, varied lengths are easily accommodated to suit more applications. Verge Rack-Pro™ can protect walls, work areas, low-height platforms, cool rooms, and machinery.

Pallet Rack End Protector


  • Modular – Low replacement costs. If it gets damaged you only need to replace the damaged part saving you up to 70%
  • Galvanised and powder coated – won’t rust and is highly visible
  • Extremely strong steel construction – Prevents costly damage to racking
  • Available in three standard lengths
  • Supplied in kit form – Comes complete with fixings
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • Mounts independently of racking – Isolates impact from the racking system
  • Comes flat pack – big savings in transport costs
  • Cost effective – Prevention is always cheaper and better than the cure
  • Complies with Australian standard: AS4084-2012
  • protection to a height of 400mm – Suitable for all brands of pallet racking
  • Reduces damage to racks from fork lifts. It improves employee safety and protects your assets
  • Quick & easy to install – No welding, no cutting, no mess!
  • Provides low cost insurance compared the cost of potential damage. Saves money, labour & replacement rack costs
  • Designed to absorb impacts from forklifts, vehicles and trolleys

Verge Rack-Pro™ Installations