Benefits and Uses of Flexible Bollards

Benefits and Uses of Flexible Bollards

Flexible bollards are a very useful tool when it comes to problems of space or road marking. They come in different shapes from simple brightly-coloured plastic cones to more complicated posts with reflectors and complex signage. However, they all share the same feature – they bend on impact. Unlike the other types of bollards, flexible bollards were designed to be a long-lasting, convenient, and safe solution for traffic regulation issues. Here we offer an overview of the benefits and versatile functionality of flexible bollards for your consideration.

Benefits of Using Flexible Bollards


Flexible bollards, contrary to other types of bollards, are made not to withstand the impact from vehicles but to flex under it. This flexibility is their greatest advantage. When something hits the metal bollard it will either deform the bollard or crush it. Flexible bollards are designed as a smarter solution: they do not damage the vehicles on impact and retain their initial shape. Generally, this type of bollard can withstand up to 50 collisions if they bend up to 90 degrees from impact and up to 500 smaller hits where they bend up to 45 degrees.

Ease in Handling

Flexible bollards are easy to install and remove. All that is needed to mount a flexible bollard is some drilling hardware and a concrete or asphalt surface. In case you need to remove the bollard permanently, or just for some road work, removing a couple of bolts will do the job.

Benefits and Uses of Flexible Bollards » Flexible Bollards

Simple Maintenance

Most flexible bollards are made from relatively cheap materials such as UV-stabilised Thermoplastic Polyurethane. These materials are elastic and highly resistant to abrasion, oil, and grease. Since there are no metal elements in flexible bollards, no re-flattening after taking damage is necessary. All visible wear and tear can be fixed with paint.

Perfect Visual Indicators

Brightly coloured with patches of light-reflecting paint, flexible bollards are perfect for attracting the driver’s attention. Contrary to other visual indicators, flexible bollards are relatively mobile and can be easily moved to another location whenever the need arises.

Where Are Flexible Bollards Used?

Due to the high mobility and resilience of flexible bollards, they can be used across-the-board as a primary or additional instrument for controlling road and public safety. Here are some examples of the most popular usage of flexible bollards.

Traffic Regulation

The first and most common use of flexible bollards is traffic regulation. Local authorities often station these posts on the road sections where the collision risk is much higher. Bollards in these locations also raise drivers’ awareness of line and direction changes. The other popular use is traffic taming in areas with mixed types of transportation or high pedestrian density. Noticeable for drivers but not an obstacle for pedestrians, flexible bollards are a perfect instrument for altering road behaviour.

Benefits and Uses of Flexible Bollards » Flexible Bollards

Guidance in Closed Areas

Flexible bollards are a perfect non-impact solution for areas with limited space. They are useful as parking separators signifying the parking spots’ delineation. Also, a good way of using flexible bollards is in loading areas for large vehicles where the bollards will help drivers manoeuvre in a restricted area without fear of property damage.

Area Marking

Dynamic area marking is yet another application for flexible bollards. For instance, if you own a restaurant which has an outdoor terrace that borders with the road you can use these posts to protect your area from troublesome drivers. You also may use flexible bollards in the places of festivals and mass celebrations. They can help prevent unwanted cars from entering temporary walking zones but won’t restrict the entrance for emergency vehicles.

Low price and reliability combined with the ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations make flexible bollards a perfect instrument of road safety and territory indication. As a bonus, in case of accidents, they will help to minimize property damage and casualties saving you tons of legal and money issues.

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