A Gas-Powered Forklift as the Preferred Option

A Gas-Powered Forklift as the Preferred Option

In recent years, there has been a preference in the industry for gas-powered forklifts instead of diesel.  Whether in a warehouse, moving materials around, or transferring products, there are many reasons why gas-powered forklifts might be favoured by businesses. Here are a few ways a gas-powered forklift can make tasks easier and more efficient: High […]

Australian Forklift Training Courses

australian forklift courses

Australian forklift training courses are very similar to forklift training courses from other countries. However, they differ in the authority that issues the forklift driver’s licence. In many other countries, it is the training centre or school that issues the licence. In Australia, it is the governing authority that issues the licence. Each Australian state […]

Forklift Accident Statistics in Australia

australia forklift accident statistics

Forklifts are an indispensable tool that shape the workflow at industrial facilities such as warehouses or construction sites. At first sight, it seems that using these small but potent machines to lift, pull, load, and unload all kinds of bulky and heavy items is pretty straightforward. However, it is crucial to remember that forklifts can […]

Why Forklift Operators Should Buckle-Up

forklift drivers should buckle up

Safe Work NSW reports that every year forklifts continue to cause workplace deaths and injuries resulting in substantial financial and human costs for workers, industry and the community.  Safe Work NSW states that one of the reasons why people are killed or seriously injured by a forklift includes not wearing a seat belt in a […]

The Human Factor of Forklift Safety

The Human Factor of Forklift Safety

Human factors also impact forklift safety. While the workplace risks have implications on safety, a worker’s personal conditions, impact on their ability to work safely. The use of alcohol and/or other drugs may be one of the contributing factors. Alcohol and other drugs usage have become prevalent and a safety issue that affects a worker’s […]

The Hidden Dangers of Forklifts

forklift safety barriers

Forklifts and industrial lifting trucks are essential to efficiency in logistics operations, and are high risk with hidden dangers; particularly for those pedestrians working alongside them.  They are used to lift, stack and transfer loads in warehouses, factories, shipping yards, freight terminals and other workplaces.    While Forklifts and industrial lifting trucks are certainly one of the most critical tools for these facilities, they can […]

Legal Consequences of Omitting Safety

Legal Consequences of Omitting Safety

 “Before you jump over a puddle you assess the risk and consequences, decide if the risk and consequences are worthwhile. If so, you consider your ability and your competency; if you’re happy to accept the consequences, you then exert the energy to do the jump and hopefully land safely”.  It is that simple, risk assessment is […]

The Irony of Forklifts

forklift safety

Forklifts and industrial lifting trucks are central to logistics operations, and are high risk; particularly for those working alongside them.  They are used to lift, stack and transfer loads in warehouses, factories, shipping yards, freight terminals and other workplaces. While forklifts offer alternatives to manual handling and practical materials handling solution for many businesses, each […]