Benefits of a Modular Handrail

Benefits of a Modular Handrail

Modular handrails offer more than just safety in the workplace.

What is a modular handrail system?

A modular handrail system comprises of separate components that subdivide an overall plan into smaller parts (or modules) that can be changed, replaced, or independently created.  A modular system enables versatility and ease, thus being suitable for many applications.  The modular handrail system offers a more efficient result by eliminating the need of engineering, drawings and then welding a custom design.   By doing away with a complex design your cost and time can also be reduced.

Some modular handrail designs consist of tubular rails or rod fittings designed to connect with another tube or capped rail.

Modular handrail system offers several benefits over the welding system.

The modular handrail system is considered the best in the market. It was designed to function in many scenarios, and its components can meet the most demanding applications. Here are several reasons why a modular handrail could be ideal for your project:

Benefits of a Modular Handrail » Modular Handrail

A modular handrail is easy to install and assemble.

A well-designed modular handrail is quite easy to install. You need to have an adaptable system that adjusts to whatever the situation is at the site.

A railing has three basic parts.

1.  Posts Posts are the vertical structures that hold the railing up. These are attached at the base to the stairs or floor.

2. Rails run parallel and horizontal between each post. They support the balusters, spindles, or other infill that run between them.

3. Fixings hold the structure together whilst providing additional strength.  It is important to look for a well designed easy fit connection.

Benefits of a Modular Handrail » Modular Handrail
Benefits of a Modular Handrail » Modular Handrail
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Benefits of a Modular Handrail » Modular Handrail
Benefits of a Modular Handrail » Modular Handrail
Benefits of a Modular Handrail » Modular Handrail

How does a modular handrail compare to a traditional welded handrail system?

Modular handrail systems do not involve any welding, making them preferable to the traditional welded systems. Delivery and installation are easier since they are customised and the elements are produced off-site and put together on-site.

All you need is a battery-operated hand drill. You do not need to acquire the heavy tools and machinery that are vital for traditional welded systems. In this way, you will be able to save precious time and avoid expensive project delays. For example, you will no longer need to get hot tools licenses and develop toxic fume safety procedures.

A welded system looks smooth and has a good finish. However, it has downsides. You need to weld the handrail in the workshop then transport big sections to the site. Another option is to weld it on site. Both scenarios lead to issues of hot work and needing to do touch-ups. It decreases the level of protection given by the initial coating.

In terms of lead times, you can install a modular handrail within 24 hours if the components are in stock. Welded railings may take 4 to 6 weeks for design, fabrication, and coating.

A modular handrail should come from a trustworthy manufacturer.

Do not try to DIY a hand railing unless you are confident in your construction skills. You can put someone’s life in danger when they lean on that rail if it does not meet safety standards. Caution is also needed since not all modular handrails are manufactured to a high standard that meets compliance. There are brands out there that utilise basic coatings and meet only minimum safety codes.

Buy your new railings from a trusted manufacturer. Check the components of the railing, design, manufacturing process, company reviews, and warranty. Doing your research will go a long way.

Install Modular Handrail Systems with Verge Safety Barriers

Many people prefer using modular handrails because they can be customised to suit different types of projects. They are useful for walkways, stairways, and pedestrian barriers in both industrial and commercial settings.

Verge Safety Barriers develops high-quality products to ensure a safe working environment. Our years of experience in the industry allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of robust safety products. To include modular handrails in your project, contact us at 1800 765 539. We produce results that are second to none. Call us today!

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