Verge car park safety barriers are designed for optimal security and protection. We know the loss your business can take from an accident, that’s why we’ve designed the best car park safety products to prevent damage or injury on your premises.

Car park safety barriers are a necessity for protecting pedestrians from traffic and preventing vehicular collisions. We have a range of safety products that are designed to adequately segregate areas where vehicles could pose a significant risk to pedestrians.

All of our car park safety barriers are highly visible and have an appealing look, making them ideal for use anywhere public safety and security is a priority such as shopping centres, restaurants and other businesses.  We use durable materials that are built to withstand vehicle impacts and need minimum maintenance after installation.

verge carpark safety

Our stock includes spring steel crash barriers, bollards, crash rails, anti-climb mesh systems, wheel stops, speed humps, corner guards, boom barriers and spikes.

Verge Safety Barriers wants to provide you with the best service possible so we not only install high-quality car park safety barriers, but we also give strategic direction on where to place them throughout your car park.

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Car parks are the first impression people have of your business so it’s important to prioritise the safety of customers on arrival.

We have developed our car park safety barriers to give businesses a cost-effective option to maintain safety. All of our products are tested to ensure the highest safety standards and provide maximum reliability. 

Minimise risks in your car park, and ensure that your workers and business are well-protected, with our car park safety barriers. Verge Safety Barriers car park products provide excellent pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of damage to vehicles.

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