Verge Column Protectors

Verge Column Protectors safeguard your building’s support columns from vehicle impact, preventing structural damage to your building as well as the risk of workplace injury. Structural columns are common in most facilities and in situations where columns are in close proximity to vehicle traffic, impacts on columns can threaten structural integrity and can result in damage that can be costly to repair. This shock has the potential to cause a structure, mezzanine floor, roof or floodlight mast, to collapse with the associated risk of personnel injury or fatality in the workplace.

Our in-house fabrication facilities mean we are able to offer our clients custom column protectors to suit columns and poles of various sizes against vehicle traffic. The Column Protector can also be designed to provide protection for different height levels depending on the application.


Airport environments
Sporting grounds


OH&S Acceptance
Superior Strength and finish
Fully modular
Optional lengths to suit all requirements
Ease of installation
5 years warranty

Verge column protector – 735H X 650W X 650L (MM) heavy duty steel construction, surface mounted, powder-coated yellow (500mm x 500mm internal)

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