All too often, dangers on dairy farms are only addressed after a worker is injured or killed. Becoming aware of possible hazards and installing safety barriers is the number one way of preventing tragedies that can have a devastating impact on farmworkers and your business.

When your employees are protected against the hazards commonly faced on dairy farms, they will be able to work in a safe environment allowing you to gain from a reduction in worker downtime due to injury.

verge dairy farm safety barriers

Benefits of installing dairy farm safety barriers

Milking cows are large animals and even a minor error on behalf of the worker can result in serious injuries. One of the most common hazards on a dairy farm comes from trips, slips and falls while working in the milking area due to wet concrete surfaces, oil spills and manure build-up.

To prevent injuries, employees can install dairy farm safety barriers to maintain safety throughout the site. Our range of guardrails can be used to prevent accidental falls and restrict access to hazardous areas such as open pits.

To keep dairy farm hazards and reduce work-related injuries, employers need to determine areas that may pose a risk to their workforce. With the installation of dairy farm safety barriers, you can be assured that your workers are protected during their shift while keeping your dairy products and livestock safe.

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