Durability and Endurance of Verge Products

Durability and Endurance of Verge Products

Durability and Endurance of Verge Products »

One of the major considerations in any major purchase is the reliability and durability of that product. This is why such products come with a warranty – the seller’s guarantee to the buyer that for a given period of time, the customer can expect a certain degree of performance and service from the purchased product.

Consumers regard quality, reliability and product life as the three most important characteristics when acquiring a product. It is no different when it comes to your barrier safety solutions. If anything, the two attributes of durability and reliability acquire an even greater significance.

Building durable products isn’t just good PR

At Verge, we have set out to ensure that our products remain highly competitive within the industry in terms of meeting ever increasing demand for functionality, reliability, and technical durability.

Building durable products isn’t just good PR, it makes economic sense as well. The cost of returning faulty equipment and products can be costly in terms of shipment costs as well as lost time. It is something any sensible business would want to avoid completely.

How does Verge ensure that its products meet the threshold of performance and durability?

It’s all about strong quality assurance along the entire supply chain of our products. We like to ensure that, right from the source, the materials that we use are of the highest standards and that throughout our fabrication process all the correct industry standards and procedures are observed and maintained.

1. We source raw materials only from reputable organizations

Most of our barrier products are made of steel to offer maximum protection to our clients against vehicular traffic or any other forceful intrusion. It is therefore absolutely essential that the steel we use is of the highest manufacturing standards.

2. We carry out rigorous product testing

Our products go through rigorous tests for performance, durability, and reliability to make sure that any products that do not fit the bill are quickly eliminated. 

3. Performance Testing

Performance Testing includes testing the product, material, component and system to determine whether it adequately fulfills the design, engineering or functional requirements for which it is manufactured, including the ability to perform in diverse environmental conditions.

4. Durability testing

Durability testing refers to the duration over which the product, material, component, and system is able to fulfill its performance requirement. Essentially this is a test of its lifespan.

5. Reliability testing

This test looks for any disruptions in usage or performance within the lifespan of the product, component, and system. A reliable product should seek to eliminate such disruptions.

Adherence to manufacturing standards and procedures in our factory

We observe the strictest and highest standards of manufacture in our processes, thereby guaranteeing products of high quality and durability. In our manufacturer, we constantly review the methods that we use with a view to continuously improving the product design and performance.

We are also accredited to various professional bodies which help us keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

All this is to ensure that we stay ahead of the times and enhance our brand value by guaranteeing extended product life to our customers.

Warranty and after sales service

Verge takes pride in manufacturing durable and reliable products. We offer a warranty for each and every product we sell against defective workmanship and materials

Verge also offers after-sales services as well as other forms of support to customers (such as onsite training) on a need basis to ensure that they derive maximum value from our products.

Responsible product usage

Reliability and durability is a two-way street of course. The user of the product also must do their part in maintaining the product in good working condition.

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