Loading docks are a high risk environment full of comings and goings. From foot traffic to truck traffic, with product loading and unloading, dock safety solutions are many and varied.
Loading Dock Safety Solutions

Verge Safety Barriers are here to help your business design the best safety system for your loading dock. There are many things to consider; including pedestrian safety, traffic control, and stock/product protection. 

With our range of products aimed to optimise the interaction/integration of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, you can rest assured your business is in good hands when you buy from Verge Safety Barriers.   


Loading dock safety solutions involve the follow product range:

Verge Safety Barrier 

The Verge Safety Barrier is a heavy duty modular barrier system designed to safely segregate between vehicle traffic and pedestrian walkways. The kits come at packed ready to assemble. Verge Safety Barriers are available in various sizes to suit your specific needs. They are suitable for internal and external use and come with a variety of accessory options. 

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Maintenance of Verge Safety Forklift Barriers
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Verge Vivid Gate or Verge Self Closing V Gate

The Verge Vivid Gate has a flashing LED light to alert forklift operators when the safety gate has been opened warning them of the potential danger of pedestrians in the area. The Verge Vivid Gate was designed to protect workers from moving equipment by warning operators of pedestrian movements in the surrounding area. The innovative design ‘beeps’ when the light is flashing to alert forklift operators of pedestrian movements in busy environments or in areas of low visibility providing increased protection for pedestrians. 

The Verge Self-Closing V-Gate is a modular self-closing gate commonly used where walkways meet vehicle passageways. Using gates make personnel ‘STOP, LOOK, LISTEN & THINK’ before proceeding into potentially unsafe areas. These gates can be placed in areas of general access or positioned for access to plant and equipment for maintenance or replacement purposes. The self-closing mechanism ensures against human error and forgetfullness: the gate will always be closed, providing a safety rail, when not in use.


Workplace traffic management

Workplace traffic management can involve convex mirrors, flashing lights, bollards, and expandable barriers.  

Loading Dock Safety Solutions from Verge Safety Barriers

With an eye for safety, a passion for quality and a devotion to finding solutions, we consistently produce second to none results. There are businesses across Australia who are currently benefiting from Verge Barriers including: DHL and Caterpillar, Australia Post, Woolworths & Toll Logistics to name a few. Verge Safety Barriers have a range of products available to assist with your loading dock safety solutions. Call us on 1800 765 539 to learn more.