Product Features

Avoid accidents – maximise visibility!

Dome Mirrors help create ‘safe working environments’ by preventing accidents at blind corners, intersections, entries and exits. These mirrors are useful in factories where personnel and forklift traffic can cross paths and in offices where blind intersections and corners exist. They can also be installed for security purposes to prevent theft and vandalism.

Some features of the Dome safety mirrors include:

  • Easy to see wide view angle helps prevent accidents and theft
  • Helps eliminate blind spots and increase visibility at a broad angle
  • Available in full, half, and quarter dome models.
  • Impact resistant acrylic Lightweight Perspex Won’t Fade or Discolour.
  • Supplied with mounting brackets and fittings ready for shipping Australia-wide
dome mirrors

Typical Applications

Ideal for shops, offices, warehouses, hospitals, driveways and undercover car parks.

When choosing the correct mirror size remember the larger the mirror, the larger the image will appear.

Quarter Dome Mirror – 90°
Quarter Dome Mirror – 90° - Warehouse safety barriers, forklift safety barriers, mezzanine pallet gates

For “L” shaped corners, a 90° “quarter dome” mirror can be used.

Half Dome Mirror – 180°
Half Dome Mirror – 180° - Warehouse safety barriers, forklift safety barriers, mezzanine pallet gates

When viewing blind corners and “T” intersections, a 180° “half dome” mirror can be used.

Full Dome Mirror – 360°
Half Dome Mirror – 180°

For areas that require visibility at a four-way intersection or visibility from all angles a 360° Full Dome Mirror can be used.

Product Range

Full Dome Safety Mirror – 360°

Recommended for four-way intersections

Full Dome Mirrors are most commonly used for four-way Intersections and provide all round 360 degree coverage of an area. Due to the curvature, the mirror needs to be reasonably large to maintain definition. Designed for large areas including warehouses, covered carparks and loading docks. Larger mirrors provide greater coverage and high image clarity to avoid collision.

Available in various sizes – see table below.

FV403Verge Full Dome Mirror 300mm (360°)
FV404Verge Full Dome Mirror 450mm (360°)
FV405Verge Full Dome Mirror 600mm (360°)
FV407Verge Full Dome Mirror 900mm (360°)
dome 360 mirror

Half Dome Safety Mirror – 180°

Recommended for three-way intersections

Use the larger half dome mirrors in warehouse aisles that end in a ‘T’ type intersection. Installing Half Dome Mirrors is an excellent way to prevent accidents at blind corners, crossings, entries and exits.

Available in various sizes – see table below.

FV410Verge 1/2 Dome Mirror 450mm (180°)
FV414Verge 1/2 Dome Mirror 1000mm (180°)
Full Dome Safety Mirror – 360°

Quarter Dome Safety Mirror – 90°

Recommended for two-way “L” shaped intersections or corners

Quarter Dome Mirrors provide observation around blind corners and give a much larger field of view than a standard convex mirror. The Quarter Dome Mirror is most commonly installed at “L” intersections and corners.

Available in various sizes – see table below.

FV417Verge 1/4 Dome Mirror 600mm (90°)
FV418Verge 1/4 Dome Mirror 800mm (90°)
FV420Verge 1/4 Dome Mirror 1000mm (90°)
Quarter Dome Safety Mirror – 90°

External – Full Convex Safety Mirrors

Recommended for external use

Verge external mirrors are mainly used in visual blind spots such as tight road corners, factories schools, parks, hospital grounds keeping road users and pedestrians safe. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the acrylic dome is a plastic-like glass that is light weight, strong and more impact resistant than glass mirrors. The mirrors are supplied with bracket for either wall or post mounting. These mirrors have visors to minimise glare. These are popular in hospitals and large warehouses.

Available in two sizes – see table below.

FV401Verge mirror external round 600mm
FV402Verge Mirror external round 800mm