Verge Wall Pro is the ultimate solution for the protection of walls against damage from pallets and material handling equipment.

Verge Wall Pro is a sturdy, modular low-height barrier system. It is fixed to the floor parallel to the wall that is being impacted, avoiding costly repairs. This product protects cool room panelling where space is sometimes limited, floor surfaces are often slippery and walls are frequently damaged.

Verge Wall Pro consists of a series of heavy-duty 5mm thick steel bracketing components and module lengths of barrier rail to follow the entire contour of the building being protected.

With its ease of installation and modular components, sections of the barrier can be simply replaced in the event of damage to the barrier.

Ideal Applications:

  • The protection of warehouse and dock offices
  • The protection Cool room panel walls
  • Forklift charging stations
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Wine industry
  • Food industry
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