Warehouses, factories, and logistics centres are hotspots for accidents, but with the proper use of safety barriers they can be made a lot more secure for everyone onsite.

Verge Safety Barriers stocks many safety barrier options and designs to find a solution that works for your business and your employees. With a secure safety barrier installation, you will be rewarded with fewer accidents on-site, a stronger workplace safety culture, and peace of mind that your workers, buildings, and assets are protected.

Based in New South Wales, Verge Safety Barriers supplies Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Port Macquarie, Gold Coast and anywhere in between.

Heavy Machinery risks and hazards in the workplace

Forklifts and other heavy machinery are central to warehouses, factories, and production areas, but the associated risks are high – particularly for those working in the same vicinity as them.

Recent statistics show that forklifts are the most dangerous form of workplace transport in Australia, injuring more people than any other type of vehicle. In fact, almost 1,000 workplace injuries as a result of forklift accidents were reported with a further 3% of deaths in the workplace coming from being hit by moving objects.

How to reduce workplace accidents with safety barriers

Australia has seen a reduction in forklift-related deaths in the last 20 years. This can be credited largely to safety barriers solutions that protect both operators and bystanders.

These solutions include pedestrian walkways, designated traffic zones, guardrails, bollards, gates, column protectors, and dome mirrors. Hazards within the work environment, such as pedestrian safety in areas where machinery is in operation, can be dramatically decreased with a safety barrier system.

Some things to consider before purchasing safety barriers include: 

What are the most common causes of workplace accidents?

During the average workday, operators, pedestrians, visitors, and assets are at risk from a wide range of hazards, including:

  • Collisions between pedestrians, machinery, or racking
  • Workers or forklifts falling off loading docks
  • Low visibility at junctions and corners
  • Elevated floors and uneven platforms
  • Stock falling on workers
  • Exposed pipes and columns 

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