How the Vivid Safety Gate Keeps You Safe

How the Vivid Safety Gate Keeps You Safe

‘Safety First’ is a well-known slogan in industry. Business owners, operators and managers should take this to heart in order to avoid unpleasant consequences that might affect staff and operations. Utilising safety barriers such as the Verge Vivid Safety Gate is one way to ensure safety in the workplace.

What is the Verge Vivid Safety Gate?

The Verge Vivid Safety Gate is a robust gate assembly that has been specifically designed to protect pedestrians crossing vehicle thoroughfares. It is suitable for facilities that use forklifts and similar vehicles such as car parks, warehouses, production areas, freight terminals, loading docks, and hospitals. It can prevent accidents and injuries from occurring through its innovative features.

Here are concrete ways how the Verge Vivid Safety Gate can bring safety in your business:

  • Visual Warning Sign

Visual Warning SignOne of the warning signals of the safety gate is a flashing LED light. Once the gate is opened, its red light will automatically flash, indicating the vehicle operator that they need to stop and give way to the pedestrian.

Light as a warning tool is not automatically effective. A North Carolina State University study on the design and evaluation of warning systems considers that getting attention is the first requirement for a warning device to be effective. It cited high contrast, colour, and special effects among others as ways to enhance the ‘noticeability’ of a visual warning. The red light of the Verge Vivid Safety Gate contrasts with the yellow paint of the gate increasing its ability to draw attention. In addition, previous studies on the matter found that warnings in red led to improved noticeability. And the flashing LED light is obviously the kind of special effect that the researchers were alluding to. It will surely get the attention and put the vehicle operator in alert mode.     

  • Audio Warning

Other than the visual warning, the opening of the gate also activates a beeping signal. The duration of the sound can last from 10 to 40 seconds, depending on the setting you choose. It will provide the pedestrian sufficient time to cross safely while the vehicle operator waits. 

The North Carolina State University study also noted that auditory warnings have advantages that visual ones do not have, such as their omnidirectional characteristic. Audio warnings can be heard in all directions, making them an effective warning method. The audio warning of the Verge Vivid Safety Gate is especially useful in highly cluttered work environments where a visual warning might prove to be inadequate. The beeping sound will call the attention of forklift operators even if they do not see the flashing red light.

  • Gate Sensor

Gate SensorThe safety gate also includes a sensor, which is activated when it detects the presence of a pedestrian. The gate is designed to open inward, compelling the pedestrian to take a step back. This feature serves as a warning for both the pedestrian and the forklift operator. It will emphasise to the pedestrian that they are in a potentially dangerous part of the workplace and must proceed with caution.

  • Reliable Power Supply

Innovative features, no matter how well-designed and effective they are, would still be useless if the tool has no power. In order to avoid this, the Verge Vivid Safety Gate is powered by a reliable battery that has up to six months of life span. To ensure that the gate assembly is continuously supplied with sufficient power, an LED light will flash whenever the battery drops below a particular voltage. It will alert you that the battery is low and must be replaced immediately for the continuous usage of the safety gate.

Safety is an important factor in all industries. It is only proper that you use tools that will ensure safety in your business. But do not just rely on any company. Trust devices that are products of intensive research. For safety matters, you can definitely bank on Verge Safety Barriers.

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