Verge launches latest addition to its workplace safety equipment

Verge launches latest addition to its workplace safety equipment



Workplace safety barrier specialists, Verge, has launched the Verge Roll Over Gate, the latest addition to its popular range to bring compliance to the workplace.

The modern, easy-to-install, sturdy and smooth roll over gate is a modern necessity on raised storage platforms and mezzanine floors.

Moving pallets freely and safely to and from mezzanine floors and dock areas, the Roll Over Gate’s unique design not only eliminates exposed edges but also keeps operators safe from the risk of falling. The gate has side barrier panels and a pivoting double sided gate, allowing access to one side at a time.

Unlike many other conventional sliding access gates, Verge has developed its Roll Over Gate using geometrical math’s to perfect a robust gate with added levels of durability, while maintaining a smooth rising/lowering action.  The Verge Roll Over Gate is well balanced with a subtle over center action and requires very little force to operate.

Verge provides two heights, allowing for 1800m high pallets and 2400m high pallets, and 3 pallet widths, 1400m and 1950mm and 3025mm.   

Available in kit form with all fixings included, the Roll Over Gate is available in various sizes to suit the individual needs of the company and is powder-coated yellow to not only look great but also prevent rusting.

“We are committed to helping businesses achieve the highest level of safety in the workplace”,

said [Steve Wiggins, Verge safety barriers Pty Ltd ].

“Our overall aim is to reduce workplace injury by providing modern, affordable solutions to create a safe working environment. Our Verge Roll Over Gate is a clear example of this in practice”

he added.

The Verge Roll Over Gate is priced from [$1980.00], and those interested in buying the product should contact [us on 1800 765 539].

Verge Safety Barriers

Verge is a family-owned business committed to providing workplace safety solutions in various settings including freight terminals, warehouses, production areas, shopping centre car parks, loading docks, and hospitals. With a commitment to openness, consistency and exceeding expectations, Verge aims to perform to the highest possible level, reducing workplace injuries.

Popular products include Barrier Kits, V-Vivid, Full Dome Mirror and the U-Bollard.

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