Case Study: Tess Fresh
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Project: Tess Fresh 

Location: HOMEBUSH

Year: 2020

Case Study: Tess Fresh -

The Project

Sydney Fresh constructed a purpose-built fresh produce processing facility at the Sydney Markets, the heart of the food distribution hub at Homebush.

They wanted to achieve safe passage for their staff to prevent accidents between pedestrians and forklifts in their busy facility. 

Summary of works

Verge was invited to meet with the designer at early stages of the design phase to provide a solution.  Together we put together a complete solution to install physical barrier gates to prevent pedestrians from staying into forklift and areas.

Case Study: Tess Fresh -
Case Study: Tess Fresh -

The problem

Sydney Fresh has over concentration of staff, occupying multiple processing rooms in this new state of the art facility. These rooms are also frequently accessed by forklifts bringing in fresh supplies for processing and retrieving the processed produce.

The ideal objective was to keep a segregation between forklifts and personnel at all times, even though the busy hub is accessed by both.

Case Study: Tess Fresh -

The solution

By providing designated walkways protected by physical barriers and controlled at intersections by gates, the risk of collisions is greatly reduced. Everyone knows the path to take and the forklift drivers know exactly where pedestrians will be crossing, removing all surprises. Everyone is now kept safe.

Sydney Fresh has remarkably high safety standards and cares about getting it right.

Products Used

Case Study: Tess Fresh -
Case Study: Tess Fresh -
Case Study: Tess Fresh -