Ensuring 100% safety at construction sites

Ensuring 100% safety at construction sites

Ensuring 100% safety at construction sites »

Ensuring safety at a construction site is of utmost concern. Sites are accident prone places due to the nature of activities conducted, and the materials and equipment used. It is, therefore, important to implement safety measures and have procedures in place to minimise accidents and to keep the site safe. It is also important to have fences set and to control access in order to keep the safety of the site.

Here are some considerations that you can look into in maintaining the safety of a construction site.

Controlling site access

Determining who gets in and out of the construction site is an important factor that should be looked into. This bolsters the security of the site as a whole and it can prevent accidents as only people who are trained and are authorised to enter the premises may do so. Keeping the boundaries of the construction site well marked also serves as a warning sign. People are well-informed that they are within an unsafe environment and that they must take necessary safety precautions.

In controlling access to the construction site, the following must be ensured:

  • Planning the perimeter
  • Providing the boundaries
  • Maintaining the fences

Planning the perimeter of the site is integral as this determines the allowable space that will be allocated to both the construction itself and the outside public. It has to be planned well and in such a way that the site is given enough working space while not encroaching too much on public space. The height of the fencing material must also take into consideration certain factors like the nature of the construction work, and the demographics of the population surrounding it, among others. The boundaries themselves must then be erected to prevent any unauthorised intrusions and must be well maintained to replace worn-out sections.

Boundaries can also help secure the construction site from deliberate unauthorised entry by people and the possible destruction and theft of machines and equipment.

Along with this, it is also important to provide a system of identification which will determine who can enter the premises. An ID system can generally address this concern and it can even allow for a scheme where certain people can be allowed access to particular areas of the site. This should be accompanied with an explanation of site rules, especially to visitors.



Ensuring 100% safety at construction sites »


Taking care safety hazards and employing safety measures

The presence of safety hazards is also an important factor and it is an important the the possibility of these hazards causing accidents is kept minimal. Some of the most common hazards encountered on a construction site are:

  • Falling objects and debris
  • Exposed materials
  • Hazardous substances
  • Construction machinery, equipment

It is necessary to have safety measures implemented to ensure the safety of the site and the people in it. These must be stowed properly and should not be left lying around the area when not in use. There must also be measures imposed to safeguard the welfare of the people working inside and those who pass by the area. Some safety measures that can be implemented include:

  • Safety nets
  • Reinforced scaffoldings
  • Road signs and warnings
  • Properly storing and labeling construction materials and equipment

Keeping these safety measures in place would most certainly be helpful in preventing any accidents that may occur should these safety hazards be left unchecked. It is thus paramount for any construction site to have these kinds of safety measures in place. Of course, specialised measures must be implemented whenever required.

In addition to these measures, everyone who is on the construction site in whatever capacity, including workers, engineers, and visitors, must always comply with safety procedures whenever they are within the construction premises. This is to minimise accidents and to keep the environment safe.

Keeping vulnerable groups safe

It is also important to give special attention to certain groups of people and to enforce measures that will tend to cater to their particular needs. Additional steps should be taken over and above the usual safety measures in order to ensure their safety. Some of these groups that should be given particular attention are the children and the elderly. Children would often see construction sites as places where they can play, whereas the elderly may not be able to recognise the dangers present in these construction sites.

To address these issues, additional safety measures should be implemented. These may include higher fences to prevent additional access, and more noticeable warning signs for the site itself to be more visible to everyone.

Safety should never be taken for granted and must always be a priority with regard to construction sites. This definitely helps in ensuring that the project is completed without hitch with regard to the project itself and to the people working in and those who are around the project.

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