The Right Placement for Dome Safety Mirrors

The Right Placement for Dome Safety Mirrors

What do blind corners and intersections have in common?

These two areas, along with the entrance and exit paths, are some of the busiest areas in the workplace. This is where vehicle traffic is the heaviest and where pedestrians may pass through. With the right materials and equipment to help maximise visibility, these corners in the workplace will be safe for both vehicles and pedestrians. To avoid accidents, dome safety mirrors should be used.

Dome safety mirrors allow you to see a large portion of the area of your workplace at once. This is all the more important in large areas, such as airports and construction sites where precautionary measures are a top priority.

Moreover, it can help minimise crimes like theft. If you are a business owner, or you manage a workplace, you might want to consider dome safety mirrors to ensure workplace safety.

Features of dome safety mirror

Every dome safety mirror offers a wide view which makes it easy for the viewer to see a large area at once, which can prevent accidents and theft from happening. For areas in the workplace where pedestrians and vehicles are present, dome safety mirrors will help eliminate the blind spots and help both the drivers and the pedestrians see the whole area in a broader angle.

Here at Verge Safety Barriers, we’ve got dome safety mirrors available in full, half, and quarter dome models. Our dome safety mirrors are also impact resistant, being made with acrylic Lightweight Perspex. These will neither fade nor discolour. When purchased, these safety mirrors will come with mounting brackets and fittings.

Where to place dome safety mirror

Dome safety mirrors are ideal for various workplaces, including shops, offices, warehouses, hospitals, driveways, carparks, and more. Our dome safety mirrors here at Verge Safety Barriers come in various sizes. For you to know which one to buy, make sure that you are well aware of where it is going to be placed.

The Right Placement for Dome Safety Mirrors » Dome Safety Mirrors

1. Quarter Dome Mirrors

– 90° are placed in L-shaped corners and intersections. These mirrors provide a larger wide view than a standard convex mirror around blind corners.

The Right Placement for Dome Safety Mirrors » Dome Safety Mirrors

2. Half Dome Mirrors

– 180° are placed in pathways which end in a T-shaped intersection. This is excellent in preventing unwanted accidents at blind corners, crossings and gates where people enter and exit.

The Right Placement for Dome Safety Mirrors » Dome Safety Mirrors

3. Full Dome Mirrors

– 360° are placed in areas which require visibility at a four-way intersection. These dome safety mirrors have the ability to provide a 360-degree coverage of an area. This type of dome safety mirror is ideally placed in large areas such as warehouses and covered car parks.


For dome safety mirrors which will be placed outside, checkout the Verge external full convex safety mirrors range. These mirrors are ideal for blind spots at external areas of schools, parks, hospital grounds and more. When purchased, these mirrors will come with a bracket so it can be easily mounted in a wall or a post.

Contact us for more details on Verge dome safety mirrors

Our dome safety mirrors are designed to ensure workplace safety for your employees. For more information about our dome safety mirrors, with full description and size information, browse through the Verge Safety Barriers website today.

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