Verge barriers: Combining beauty with functionality

Verge barriers: Combining beauty with functionality

Verge barriers: Combining beauty with functionality » barriers

Safety barriers make for harsh looking surroundings when put up with little consideration for aesthetics. This doesn’t have to be the case. The last thing you need when enforcing safety compliance is a workforce that feels penned in. Having user friendly barriers in place makes safety compliance that little bit easier.

“Since we installed the echo pedestrian rail we have seen a better response from our employees says Bob, an HSE Manager in a local plant, and one of our customers. “We’ve had fewer safety incidences with our forklifts, which we attribute to better visibility of cordoned off areas by forklift drivers,” he goes on to add.

Visibility with a touch of class

Visibility is key in determining the effectiveness of any safety barrier. Verge barriers are painted with a specially selected yellow colour so they stand out, and better serve as a visually prominent cordon between human traffic and mobile plant like forklifts. Verge barriers are also covered with a durable powder-coated finish which keeps the surface smooth and free of rust.

Modular design

While verge safety barriers are intended to provide protection from vehicle movement, they come with a modular design to make them fit into their immediate surroundings with as minimum hassle as possible. A modular design ensures that whatever the shape of your floor plan, you can arrange the barrier components in any number of ways to meet your specific requirements.

The modular design is not only seamless when assembled, it also has the advantage of versatility, allowing the user to install safety gates at strategic access points such as intersections or thoroughfares while maintaining a continuous secure barrier.

Sturdy Coupling of the Verge Eco barrier

Gone are the days when countless nuts and bolts would be used to join together railings for pedestrian walk way. Not only was this type of joinery labour intensive and time-consuming, the end product was also not very easy in the eye. The Verge Eco barrier uses sturdy couplings to lock together in 3m modules to suit your specific requirement, and manages to remain quite attractive to look at.

Vivid gate

Intersections between vehicle thoroughfares and pedestrian walkways always create a dilemma when it comes to restricting pedestrian traffic from straying into the path of moving vehicles. Before, ugly gaps would be left in such areas, or chains, which were cumbersome and ineffective, would be used to rein in pedestrians.

The vivid gate is a simple but effective solution to this problem. Not only does it control access to the thoroughfare by opening only when required, it comes with a beacon that lights up to alert both the pedestrian and the forklift operator when it is safe or unsafe to cross the intersection.


Verge barriers: Combining beauty with functionality » barriers


Verge Roll over Gate

Loading docks and mezzanine floors are sensitive areas within the warehouse as far as safety of personnel is concerned. The fact that they are elevated automatically creates work-at-height risks for those working on them. Yet they have to remain accessible for palletised goods to be placed or removed by forklifts, which means that at one time or other they have to be opened.

The Verge rollover gate solves this problem quite simply by allowing opening of the platform without leaving exposed edges which carry the imminent risk of falling. The Verge rollover gate also has no pinch points, is well balanced, requiring no force to operate it (as it rolls over its own pivot). This makes it very safe for personnel working these areas.

The Verge rollover gate is also available in different heights and widths to suit varying pallet sizes and is highly customisable. Its modular design makes it easy to install without the need for cutting or welding, saving the user time and labour, and creating an end product that scores high on aesthetics.

Barriers with mobility

It’s not just warehouses or factory floors that can benefit from functional and harmonious barriers within their settings. Retail areas such as malls have found many uses for verge barriers which sometimes are required for temporary work, with minimal obtrusiveness. Verge expandable barriers offer just that.

They are normally used to cordon off areas where repair work is going on, or to limit access to other unauthorised places like stairways, walkways and elevators. Once such restrictions are lifted, e.g. when repair work is done, the barriers can be removed and used in a different location where they are needed.

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