Workplace Safety: Importance of Pedestrian Protection Barriers

Workplace Safety: Importance of Pedestrian Protection Barriers

For obvious reasons, the places where people congregate and places they move through, should be free from any hazardous elements that may put their health and safety at risk. Workplace safety is an important issue which must be handled properly.

By ensuring workplace safety, you are valuing the lives of the people working in your company. Do this by putting pedestrian protection barriers in the areas where they are needed.

Remember that your employees are the most important assets of the company so it is just common sense to make sure that they are safe, and removed from anything which may cause them an injury. Besides, when your employees feel safe at work, they are more likely to be motivated to work even harder.


Workplace Safety: Importance of Pedestrian Protection Barriers » protection barriers


Workplace safety in Australia

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 270,000 pedestrians are killed on roads each year. Although there was a recorded downward trend in pedestrian fatalities in Australia from 1995-2014, business owners should never feel at ease with this issue. There were 398 fatalities in 1995 and 152 in 2014. This should be all the more reason why companies should continue ensuring work safety.

By law, a person conducting or undertaking a business must make sure that all workers and other people in the area are not exposed to any health and safety risks. This includes making sure that the ways to enter and leave the work premises pose no risks to the people passing thru them. And although it is a worker’s responsibility to take care of their personal health and safety, Safe Work Australia provides that it is the company’s officers’ obligation to take steps to ensure that the business has resources and ways to eliminate or minimise risks from traffic at the workplace.

Ensuring workplace safety with pedestrian protection barriers

To ensure workplace safety, businesses should take steps to ensure that pedestrians are safe from vehicle traffic. Apart from making sure that pedestrian crossings have got clear ground markings, lights, and proper signs, they should also keep people and vehicles apart by installing pedestrian protection barriers. Pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic should not intersect.

In Canberra, the government requires a clear division between them so they know their borders. These borders should not, in any given circumstances, be made of any flexible material because when deformed, this type of material will not stand as a protection for pedestrians in case of a car collision.

Pedestrian protection barriers at Verge Safety Barriers

Verge offers pedestrian protection barriers so you can establish work safety in your company. We have got barriers which are designed to create a safe division between pedestrian and vehicle traffic. These barriers are built to prevent vehicles, or any moving equipment, from trespassing into the pathways of pedestrians.

By installing verge safety barriers made of robust steel combined with warning accessories, you are giving your workers a high-class protection from injury caused by accidents in the workplace. With superior strength and finish, we offer optional lengths to suit your requirements.

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