Benefits of Different Safety Barriers

Benefits of Different Safety Barriers 1


Safety barriers are specifically designed to increase protection, particularly in an industrial or automotive environment. These barriers have averted many accidents while driving, and have now become an essential part of any road system, especially in Australia. They have protected workers at factories, warehouses, and construction sites. They have provided security for pupils at schools and passengers at the airport. They help establish order in parking lots.

As such, choosing what material to use is essential in maintaining an accident-free setting. Make the best choice by knowing the benefits of different safety barriers.

Different safety barriers

There are basically two general kinds of safety barriers:

Solid safety barriers

Just from the name, you know  these safety barriers are basically made of hard and rigid materials such as concrete or steel.  These are heavy and sturdy and cannot be moved easily.  They are mostly used on highways.  Built to withstand collision and extreme weather conditions, they are put in place to prevent vehicular accidents and protection of workers while working on major roadways.

Soft and flexible safety barriers

These are the safety barriers of choice in the workplace because they can be easily move and are lightweight, they can also be used on the road. One kind has wire ropes, which absorb the force during a collision and allow the vehicles to bounce back to safety. Another kind are plastic barriers. These are quite commonplace. You might have seen them at parking spaces or a construction site.

Benefits of Different Safety Barriers 2


Benefits of different safety barriers

There are certain benefits when you choose a specific type of safety barrier:

Solid safety barriers

  1. These barriers are built to last and can withstand extreme weather conditions. In fact, it will take decades before these have to be repaired or replaced unless massively damaged by a collision. You get your money’s worth when you invest on this type of safety barriers.
  2. They are also built to stop collisions from spilling to other lanes. They are pretty rigid so they can definitely withstand the impact.
  3. Semi-rigid ones made of steel rails provide similar results as soft and flexible safety barriers. They deflect collision, which is good for roadways.
  4. Given their noticeable size and substantial weight, these barriers also provide security so they are excellent for schools, hospitals, and banks.
  5. With the right equipment and manpower, it will be a lot easier to install this type of barriers. There is no need to secure them with wires and post supports since their weight will keep them in place.

Soft flexible barriers

  1. This type of barrier absorbs impact way better than its solid counterpart. They also deflect collisions which significantly lessens the risk of fatal injury, especially in a head-on crash. This is why soft and flexible barriers are being used on sharp turns.
  2. The biggest thing about this type of barriers is how they reduce injuries during vehicular accidents. This is because their main function is to deflect and contain cars during a collision.
  3. From a practical point of view, soft and flexible barriers would come out relatively much cheaper than solid ones. It is the same case in the unfortunate incidence of impact. Repairing this type of barriers will definitely have lower costs than the solid kind.
  4. Speaking of impact, these barriers sustain minimum damage during vehicular collision. Unlike the solid kind which will need replacing after a collision, for the soft and flexible type, all you would need to replace could only be the posts or the wires.

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