Case Study: Rivalea Piggery & Abattoir

Project: Rivalea Piggery & Abattoir

Location: Corowa NSW

Year: 2020


  • 225 Lin Meters Verge ECO Barrier
  • 46 Lin Meters Verge HD Barrier
  • 21 x V-Gates single
  • 6 x V-Gates double


What they wanted:

Rivalea wanted to achieve safe passage for their staff to prevent accidents between pedestrians and vehicles, as there were potentially dangerous interactions involving staff and vehicle thoroughfares.

Summary of works

Verge was invited to meet with Rivalea to provide a solution.  Verge was engaged to install physical barrier gates to prevent pedestrians from straying into forklift and vehicle areas. In some areas, impact-resistant barriers were installed where forklift activity was more frequent.

The Situation

Rivalea has over 300 staff, occupying multiple buildings in a cluster ranging from an administration building, an abattoir, a meat processing facility, and maintenance buildings. These buildings have busy access roadways joining between them.

At meal breaks and change of shift, there is an increase in pedestrian traffic, moving across the connecting thoroughfares to access amenities, exposing them to a higher risk of potential vehicle-to-pedestrian collision.

The solution

By providing designated walkways protected by physical barriers and controlled at intersections by gates, the risk of collisions is greatly reduced. Everyone knows the path to take and the forklift drivers know exactly where pedestrians will be crossing, removing all surprises. In areas of high forklift activity, impact-resistant barriers have been installed for added protection. Everyone is now kept safe.

Rivalea has remarkably high safety standards and cares about getting it right.

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