CASE STUDY: Qanstruct Pty Ltd/Linfox

Qanstruct Pty Ltd / Linfox

Verge Safety Barriers recently supplied and installed a project for Qanstruct at the new Linfox facility in Kemps Creek (Western Sydney). Linfox have a big focus on safety and know it’s important to get their traffic management plan right. Verge was engaged to provide a solution to safely segregate people from vehicle movements.

CASE STUDY: Qanstruct Pty Ltd/Linfox »

The products used were Verge HD Barriers, Verge Eco handrail system and Verge V-gates.

The Verge HD barriers are fully modular and are mainly used to separate forklifts or vehicle traffic from collisions with the factory staff

The Verge Eco-Rail is designed to keep personnel on designated pathways and away from moving forklifts/ vehicles

V-Gates were installed at each intersection to actively engage pedestrians to stop, look, listen and think before gain access to an area that may be hazardous

The fast and efficient Install:

The installation process was seamless! Verge products are modular meaning we benefit from faster installation times and minimal disruptions to operational activity.

CASE STUDY: Qanstruct Pty Ltd/Linfox »We installed 145 meters of HD Barriers, 112 meters of Eco Handrail and 19 gates in just 3 days!

This reliability and speed in completion means that Verge continues to deliver reliable and high-quality safety solutions that are cost effective.

The Happy Customer:

The photos show it all. As you can imagine, the customer was very pleased with the result. Linfox now proudly have a well-designed barrier solution for their warehouse, creating safe segregation between their people and moving equipment.

CASE STUDY: Qanstruct Pty Ltd/Linfox »

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