Important Facts about Expandable Barrier Systems

A detailed account of the important facts of the expandable and retractable barrier system and their applications during recent times

An expandable barrier is a product that is sturdy yet flexible and can be stored or transported easily in its compacted form. It is also known as a retractable and portable barrier.

Generally, expandable, and portable safety barriers are mobile units that help to maintain order, restrict access and/or control the movement of pedestrians. They are particularly useful in the management of crowds at events or facilities, or when directing vehicle traffic on worksites and or preventing people from entering hazardous areas.

These barriers are made of high-quality steel and aluminium, ensuring they are tough enough to stand up in any workplace environment. There is a large range of quality expandable or retractable barriers and bollards available from Verge Safety Barriers.

Expandable Barrier across the entrance to a train platform, marking it as closed.

Why Utilise the Expandable Barrier System?

The Popularity of the Product

These expandable and portable safety barriers systems are popular and prevalent, as they are largely used for airports, concerts, businesses, or venues that need complete control of entrance and exit points. As an example, belt barriers are commonly established at banks, supermarkets, cinemas, and post offices, where patrons are required to queue.  There are various types of expandable and portable safety barriers that are selected for their functionality in shopping malls, factories, warehouses, car parks, loading zones, function centres, workspaces, and industrial sites, as well as commercial event settings.

Transportable and Compact

An expandable and retractable barrier is easily transported and stored. This type of barrier can be loaded up in standard vehicles and transported to a location with ease.  Due to their compactness, they fit in lifts or elevators and can be taken to different levels of a commercial building with ease, making them a popular and efficient option for busy workplaces. When the barrier system is not required, it can be stored in a designated area on site.

Commonly Used in Commercial Areas

The use of expandable barrier systems has become second nature to patrons in commercial settings. As they enter commercial spaces with expandable and retractable barriers, they see these as an indication to take direction by following the systemised process and complying with the formation of queues as is the requirement of the facility. When this barrier system is encountered, people intuitively are aware that there is either a systematic process, something to avoid that could be unsafe, or an indication of an unauthorised zone.

Minimises the Need for Additional Staffing

What makes an expandable and retractable barrier system such a great system is the flexibility to retract and the adjustable lengths. It requires one or two people to set these up.  Once these are set up, there is less crowd and people management required, which means fewer staff are needed to handle or manage the influx or flow of people. When no longer required, the expandable and retractable barrier system is just as easy to take apart. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses that would normally employ individuals to manage crowd control.

The Creation of Exclusion Zones

The expandable and retractable barrier offers multiple configurations and allows the opportunity to provide control and protection in any type of space or layout. In workplaces, these can be used to warn workers of any spillage or exposure to dangerous chemicals. These can be used to cordon off an area where an accident has taken place and the regulator has declared it a no-go-zone.

Versatility and Adaptability

The most popular use for expandable and retractable barrier systems is to control crowds and direct them to form a queue and remain in a systematic order to ensure that they can be served or processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, they can be used as a safety precaution to protect individuals from hazardous or dangerous situations. The versatility and adaptability of the system allow for multiple units to be used to create a continuous line that fits a designated floor space or reason for use. The creation of a well-planned layout can mean improved productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and improved safety for all patrons in the event that the barriers are being used in an exclusion circumstance.

Providing Control and Order in Matters of Urgency During the Pandemic

Looking at How Expandable and Retractable Barriers Systems Were Effectively Used During the Pandemic

There is no need to look too far to see that, since early 2020 when COVID-19 emerged on our shores, it highlighted the importance and use, as well as the convenience of expandable and portable barriers systems in aiding the management process of the pandemic. These temporary and portable barriers systems were erected overnight in large open facilities and commercial spaces in preparation for Australian people to receive vaccinations and testing. In a time when panic was setting in and the ability to safely crowd control to keep people safe was paramount, expandable barrier systems paved the way for the systematic rollout of vehicular based testing and mass vaccination.

Traffic Management for COVID -19 Testing

The COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs required a traffic management plan to control both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In some ways this was quite similar to how risks would be managed at a warehouse, utilising similar expandable and retractable barriers systems.
For example:

  • Designated travel paths for vehicles including entry and exit points or traffic crossing other streams of traffic
  • Pedestrian and traffic routes
  • Segregation of vehicles and pedestrians including possible interact in carparks and loading zones
  • Traffic control measures for each expected interaction including drawings of the layout of barriers, walkways, signs, and general arrangements to warn and guide traffic around, past, or through the workplace or temporary hazard
  • The responsibilities of people managing traffic at the workplace and monitor the effectiveness of a traffic management plan.

It can be effectively seen that expandable and retractable barriers systems have played an integral role in maintaining order and control during pandemic times, allowing our medical professionals to complete vaccinations and testing requirements on a mass scale. Barriers that had been strategically placed to guide vehicles into the drive through testing clinics and individuals through mass vaccination hubs, reduced panic, helped to maintain order and control and most of all, kept both individuals and medical professionals safe.

Expandable Barriers: The Most Versatile of All Barrier Systems

Given their applications and practical uses, it’s no wonder that expandable barrier systems have been used by thousands of organisations around the world. If your organisation is looking for expandable barrier systems, look no further than Verge Safety Barriers. With years of experience in the industry, they can provide a detailed quote and all the relevant information you need to know about the applications for safety barriers in your business. Contact them today on 1800 765 539 or fill out their enquiry form online.

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