Protect Your Pallet Rack with Rack PRO

Protect Your Pallet Rack with Rack PRO

Protect Your Pallet Rack with Rack PRO » Pallet Rack

Pallet racks are essential in any warehouse, as well as retail centres and other commercial spaces. They are designed to store materials and supplies. However, they are also prone to damage, especially if the weight becomes too much or if the goods are not loaded properly. This why you should protect your pallet rack with Rack PRO.

Pallet Rack Components

Before talking about the benefits of choosing to protect your pallet rack with Rack PRO, it is important to first discuss the components of a pallet rack. This is so you can better understand how the Rack PRO protects the pallet rack.

Load Beams

The first component are load beams. They can be further differentiated into three types: step beams, box, beams, and structural beams. All these three are bolted in different locations of the rack. They hold pallet supports, wire decks, rivets, hooks, and columns. They basically make up the framework that everything else is mounted on.

Upright Frames

These are the columns which the horizontal or diagonal braces are welded to. They are made from flat coil stock steel.

Diagonal or Horizontal braces

Also made from steel, they are welded between two upright columns.


These are used to provide stability to the pallet rack. These prevent the rack from moving.

Guard Rails

These are used to protect the upright column from damage, and to also keep an employee from falling while stacking supplies using a lifted platform.

Pallet supports

As the name suggests, they are used to support the pallets. They are found between the load beams.

Row spacers

They are also used for stability.


They are used to level the rack on an uneven floor.

Timber decking

This is often made up of permanent pallets which support the load.

Wall ties

They are used when the pallet rack is positioned directly in front of a wall.

Wire decking

This makes sure that the goods are properly secured in place.

What Rack PRO is

Now that you know the components of your pallet rack, let’s focus on how to protect it. It is disastrous for any warehouse operator to have damaged goods because of a faulty pallet rack or a forklift impact. This is an unnecessary and expensive accident that could have been averted given the right equipment.

You should invest to protect your pallet rack with Rack PRO. Rack PRO was specially created to protect your supplies from forklift collision. Workers in warehouses, storage units, and factories can tell you that such impacts are commonplace. This is where Rack PRO comes in. It will exponentially increase the safety and protection of your materials while they are stacked on the pallet rack.

What Rack PRO is made of

This protective pallet rack structure is made from heavy steel plate. It is mounted independently from the rack so it absorbs the forklift impact and does not transfer it. The best part of Rack PRO is its modular design. This means that when it gets hit, you do not have to repair the whole thing. All you have to do is to replace the damaged part and the structure is as good as new.

A long list of Rack PRO benefits

These are some of the advantages if you decide to protect your pallet rack with Rack PRO:

  1. Increased protection of your supplies when stored on the rack
  2. Prevention of costly repair of rack damage in case of a forklift collision
  3. Protection of employees when stacking materials at certain heights
  4. High visibility
  5. Rust-proof
  6. Low replacement costs
  7. Availability of spare parts in case of replacement
  8. Compatibility with different kinds of pallet rack
  9. Quick and easy installation

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Protect your pallet rack with Rack PRO and save yourself from costly repair and replacement. Be a step ahead. Getting a Rack PRO is truly worth the investment. Call Verge Safety Barriers to speak with one of our sales reps for further details!

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