The Ultimate Checklist for Traffic Control Employees

The Ultimate Checklist for Traffic Control Employees

Any job site, no matter the industry, poses several risks to those working onsite. This is where safety measures and control are vital, with each working sector doing their part while onsite. When it comes to the successful coordination of all working pieces on a job site, adequate management, focus and control of all working parts is mandatory.

Traffic control is just one of these many working parts which require thorough expertise and experience in proper safety measures. In order for job sites to remain accident-free, all utility partners must work together to get the job done, safely and successfully. As an employee based in traffic control, here’s all you need to know in order to avoid accident and injury on a job site.

The Ultimate Traffic Control Checklist

In order to ensure control and safety of all traffic entering and exiting a job site, efficient and streamlined traffic control is vital. In essence, it is your job as a traffic controller to ensure a job site is one that is safe and accident-free with thanks to a well-managed traffic flow. Use this handy checklist to ensure the traffic control on your job site is up to scratch:

1. Entrance ways and Exits

This is one of the most important fundamentals to adequate and successful traffic control on a job site. When it comes to entranceways and exits, ensure there are separate entry and exits points for vehicles and pedestrians. Under no circumstances should pedestrians use the same entranceway or exit as a moving vehicle or heavy machinery. These entranceways and exits must offer adequate protection from moving vehicles such as fencing and demarcated lines and laneways. All moving vehicles must enter and leave the job site via separate entrance and exit points in order to keep the flow of traffic moving and avoid accidents.

2. Vehicle Routes

Another fundamental of successful traffic control is to ensure all roads and pathways on a job site are well-maintained and suitable for the volume of traffic onsite. All vehicle routes must include firm and even surfaces and be kept clear of obstacles and hazards at all times. Vehicle route signage is equally important. Loading zones, parking spaces, and one-way systems must be clearly marked. All vehicle routes must be kept wide enough to safely separate vehicles and pedestrians on any given job site. Finally, vehicle routes on a job site should avoid sharp or blind corners where possible.

The Ultimate Checklist for Traffic Control Employees » Traffic Control

3. Pedestrian Routes

A job site is usually packed with pedestrians and workers at all hours of the day, this is where traffic control and safety measures can make a real difference. As previously mentioned, pedestrian walkways must always be kept separate from vehicle routes. These pedestrian walkways must also be clearly marked out and protected by fencing or barriers. Pedestrian crossings on a job site are also vital. If a pedestrian must cross a vehicle route, they must use safe and clearly marked pedestrian crossings. Pedestrian walkways must be well-maintained at all times, with firm and even surfaces and kept free of spills, trip hazards, and other obstacles.

4. Signage

What would adequate traffic control be without clearly marked signage? All jobs sites at any given time must include speed limit signage, most importantly in a pedestrian crossing area. Exclusion zone signage must be used in an area where pedestrians are prohibited from entering a powered mobile plant area. Most importantly, a job site must include adequate lighting to ensure signage can be seen at all hours of the day.

5. Warning Alarms

Many job sites are serviced by more than one powered mobile plant at any given time. This can pose a serious risk to other moving vehicles and pedestrians onsite if inadequate sensors, reversing alarms or lights are not installed on these power plants. If a powered mobile plant is to be used on a job site, it’s part of your job as a traffic controller to ensure they are up to standard and equipped with adequate safety alarms.

6. Training and Supervision of Employees

Absolutely vital in the successful control of traffic flow on a job site is the adequate training and supervision of employees. All employees operating any particular model of a mobile power plant must be adequately briefed and trained on how to use it. Powered plant operators must also hold a valid high-risk work license in order to operate this form of machinery. All employees must also be briefed and trained on traffic hazards, speed limits, parking and loading areas of the job site. Safety information and instructions must be made highly visible and available to all visitors and delivery people to the site as well.

7. Protective Gear

In order to avoid accidents of any kind, employees operating any form of vehicle or type of machinery must wear high-visibility protective gear at all times. Powered plant operators are required to wear high-visibility vests, hard hats, and steel-toe cap boots. Employees operating any form of moving vehicle must wear high-visibility vests and closed shoes at all times.

8. Vehicle Safety

Finally, vehicle quality must also be made a high priority when it comes to successful traffic control. You must ensure all vehicles selected to perform on a job site are up-to-scratch and suitable for the tasks at hand. All moving vehicles must have a clear line of visibility, or be fitted with external, side or reversing mirrors and sensors. Vehicles must be checked for adequate braking capabilities and be kitted out with working seatbelts. A regular maintenance plan of all moving vehicles must be implemented, while a thorough reporting system of faults is also necessary.

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