Understanding Dome Safety Mirrors

Understanding Dome Safety Mirrors


Understanding Dome Safety Mirrors » Dome Safety Mirrors

Understanding dome safety mirrors is essential before investing them as a security feature. There are a lot of benefits once you install these mirrors, especially if you are running a convenience store or a showroom. There are also different options when it comes to dome safety mirrors and their installation, so understanding how they work is very useful.

How dome safety mirrors work

Dome safety mirrors can be installed either for outdoor or indoor use. Depending on their location, they provide a good view of a wide area. They are usually used for surveillance because of the view they provide.

In other countries, they are called convex safety mirrors or convex security mirrors due to their shape. They basically mirrors with a fish-eye shaped surface . As you may have guessed, they neither run digitally nor store images of the view that they reflect.

Different kinds of dome safety mirrors

There are three main kinds of dome safety mirrors used in commercial spaces:

360 degree dome safety mirrors

These look like the cover of a popcorn tub. Half-spherical in shape, they are usually installed in the centre of the space. Just by the name, you know the extent of its view coverage.

180 degree dome safety mirrors

Usually installed in high up on the wall, they give an ample view of the left side, right side, and what is happening directly behind you simultaneously.

90 degree dome safety mirrors

These are installed on certain corners of the room. They will give you the heads up if there are persons approaching from behind or from a nearby hallway.

What type to choose

Choosing the right dome safety mirrors will largely depend on the kind of view that you need.

For a wider space without too many intersecting walls, going for 360 degree dome safety mirrors is the best way to go. It will provide you a view of practically every direction concurrently. This will provide the best security and surveillance for your commercial space.

Where the wall and ceiling intersect, you can go for either a 180 degree dome mirror or the 90 degree one. If there are two wide sides that you have to keep tabs on or if your space is shaped like a T, it would make sense that you would install 180 degree dome safety mirrors. It will show you both sides at one time, plus they allow you to see what is happening behind you.

If you want to keep surveillance on a specific side of your shop, go for a 90 degree dome mirror. Apart from giving a view of that specific side, it will also show you what is going on right behind you.

Benefits of installing dome safety mirrors

There are many benefits when you install dome safety mirrors.

  • You really do not need technical expertise to use convex security mirrors. You just need expert advice as to what mirrors to get according to your needs, where to install them, and the actual installation itself. Apart from that, it will not take too much effort to utilise these mirrors.
  • Dome mirrors are inexpensive. They are also relatively cheap to install so you truly get value for your money.
  • They are easy to install. Armed with the right equipment, you can install these mirrors without any problem at all.
  • They prevent accidents, surprise attack, and theft. This alone is enough reason to get dome safety mirrors for your place.

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