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Verge Safety Barriers helps businesses solve their workplace safety issues by upgrading traffic management plans and installing appropriate products to create a safe working environment.

USG Boral


USG Boral


Camilla, NSW




  • 283 lineal metres of HD series Barrier
  • 15 x 1 metre wide V-Gates
  • 8x 1 metre wide Verge Vivid Gates
  • 3x 2 metre wide double V Gates

Summary of works:

Design, supply and installation.

USG Boral - Verge Safety Barrier. Verge swing gate
USG Boral – Verge swing gate

USG Boral site is a very large production and distribution facility, situated in the industrial area of Camilla NSW. USG Boral, their site stretching across approximately 6.5 hectares, supplies plaster board products to the construction industry. This site has 100 + employees, large production equipment and multiple fork lift and heavy machinery traffic.

USG Boral - Verge Safety Barrier. ZERO HARM TODAY (2)
USG Boral “Zero Harm Today”

The Problem:

With the high volume of vehicle movement interacting with staff, USG Boral saw it was vital to upgrade their traffic management plan for the Camilla NSW site. USG Boral have a very clear focus on the safety of their employees and have introduced a ‘Zero Harm Today’ policy.

Shared zones in facilities like the USG Boral site are a potential risk for accidents. Although the site already had various defined walkways in place to separate pedestrian traffic from vehicles, there were still high risk zones involving interaction between vehicles and pedestrians. There were numerous unprotected pedestrian crossings across forklift thoroughfares with blind spots. This presented potential risk for employees.

USG Boral - Verge Safety Barrier. Verge swing gate. FORKLIFT SAFETY
USG Boral – Verge Swing Gate – Forklift Safety

The Solution:

USG Boral reached out to Verge Safety Barriers to work together to create a safe working environmentThrough consultation, we created the perfect solution by providing a substantial physical separation between vehicle movement and staff, by installing our HD barrier product.  In addition to the barrier product, our team installed the Verge Vivid Gate, to ensure ultimate protection for pedestrians approaching forklift crossings.

The Verge Vivid safety gate is a very sturdy gate assembly designed specifically for the protection of pedestrians crossing forklift thoroughfares. The function of the Verge Vivid gate is when opened it activates a flashing LED light and an audible beeping signal.  This has a twofold impact by:

  • Alerting forklift operators that pedestrian are potentially in their work area,
  • And also alerting the pedestrians that they are entering a potentially dangerous are and to take care.
USG Boral - Verge Safety Barrier. ZERO HARM TODAY
USG Boral – “Zero Harm Today” Forklift Safety

Several standard Verge V-gates were also installed. The installation of these gates means that when a pedestrian leaves the protected area of designated walkway, their path will be interrupted by a gate, preventing them wandering into danger. The gates prompt pedestrians to stop, take a step back, and assess the situation before proceeding.

Project site manager Jayden Wiggins said “We enjoyed working with USG Boral, as we share the same passion about safety. Great company, great people.”

USG Boral case study

USG Boral Values Safety

This statement is taken from the USG Boral website: At USG Boral, safety is a priority in everything we do.  Being safe means zero harm – nobody getting hurt doing business for us or with us.  It is the prerequisite to performance.  It protects people, making them confident in working for us and with us.  It promotes discipline in what we do, because the only way to be safe is to be focused and to do the right things.  It means not taking any shortcuts.  It promotes individual engagement toward improving whatever we do.


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