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Verge Safety Barriers helps businesses solve their workplace safety issues by upgrading traffic management plans and installing appropriate products to create a safe working environment.

Kerry Ingredients


Kerry Ingredients Australia Pty Limited


Murarrie (Brisbane), QLD




  • 32 x lineal meters of Verge HD barrier
  • 8 x Verge self-closing V-gates
  • 4 x 600mm domed mirrors

Summary of works:

Design, supply and installation of safety materials to eliminate the risk of forklift incidents.

Kerry Ingredients Australia Pty Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kerry Group BV, an Ireland-based food manufacturer. The company employs approximately 310 people, operates in Queensland and New South Wales, and is administered by its head office in Newington, New South Wales.

After assessing the traffic management, it appeared that in their Murarrie (Brisbane) Warehouse, pedestrians and forklifts could easily cross paths in the space between the main office and the warehouse office, making it a high-risk working environment needing intervention.

The safety officer of Kerry Ingredients engaged Verge Safety Barriers to assist with eliminating the risk of forklift incidents in their warehouse.

warehouse safety
Verge HD Barrier and Verge V-Gates installed at Kerry Ingredients Brisbane Warehouse

The challenge:

The pedestrian thoroughfare between the main office and warehouse office, crossed the paths of the forklift thoroughfare as they would enter the pallet racking aisles. The risk was pedestrians could walk into the path of the forklifts as the enter or exit the aisles. Factors adding to the challenge were blind spots, uninterrupted pedestrian pathway, intersection between pedestrian and forklifts.

Potential incident outcome: Pedestrian injury or fatality.  Risk factor – Very High.

The Solution:

Verge Safety Barriers installed a series of gates, mirrors and barriers, guiding the pedestrians on designated protected walkways, and making them aware of the surroundings.

As the pedestrians approach each aisle, their path is broken by a gate causing them to stop, step back, check that all is safe before proceeding. Domed safety mirrors were also added at the intersecting points, providing both the forklift operator and the pedestrians with visual confirmation that they are safe to proceeded.

Verge Safety Barriers Director Steve Wiggins says, It has been a pleasure working with Kerry Ingredients, as they have a very high standard of staff safety in their facilities”.

forklift safety sydney
Verge Safety Barriers creating safer work environments


“a safer working environment”.

For a total spend of $14,500.00 + GST, Kerry Ingredients have eliminated the potential risk of incident in this challenging intersection.

Kerry Ingredients and Verge Safety Barriers are now working on other areas of potential risk within the facility. This once again confirms their priority for safety.


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